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Mads sails out from the Canary Island port city of San Sebastián de La Gomera in December 2014, and sets his course across the Atlantic to land on Antigua in the Caribbean Sea 60-100 days later, after a voyage of 2600 nautical miles or 4800 kilometres. Mads will be sailing in the custom made pedal boat WiTHiN. Read more about WiTHiN here: (Indsæt link til Om WiTHiN) 

What’s in store?

Mads has filled WiTHiN with safety equipment, and has prepared as much as possible to be in prime physical shape for the trip. There is a lot to plan for before casting off. For instance, Mads needs to bring all his supplies in storage. WiTHiN is 100% man powered, so Mads needs to pedal away if he wants to move - and that costs energy. To keep up his power, Mads needs to consume about 10.000 calories a day, and wash them down with 15 litres of water. He will eat freeze dried food, which comes in bags that will be topped up with boiling water before the food is eaten straight from the bag. Mads will be drinking purified, desalinated sea water. Hopefully, there will also be room for a few bars of Marabou chocolate and a bag of salt liquorice! 

" Navigare necesse est"...

But what is Mads’ reason for going through with the journey? Why does he want to take up the challenge? 

When he was sixteen, Mads was struck by schizophrenia. After living with the illness for 8 years, he was pronounced cured. With the Biking the Atlantic project, Mads tries to find out what actually happened to him during his healing process. What took over in him to set him free of schizophrenia? What really has so much more power than the mentall illness that had him in its crippling iron fist? 

Mads says:

"Biking the Atlantic is my challenge for myself. I want to force myself back to one thing out of those I remember most clearly and with the most weight from when I was schizophrenic - namely the loneliness.

I wish to find out if I can handle experiencing solitude, which is loneliness wilfully chosen.

The project is about my personal journey, and about learning more about what started it and drove it forward. As I get the opportunity to delve deeper, I will gain insight into those processes which worked for me and drove my personal development in the right direction.

The project is research-based...

The primary objective is to investigate whether Mads’ experiences during the process of recovery from schizophrenia might show the way for others in the same situation. Hopefully, the lessons learned by Mads can shed light upon our understanding of mental illnesses and the cure for them from a new angle.

Biking the Atlantic has entered into a research collaboration with the Centre for Adapted Physical Activity Participation Studies at the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark.

During the journey, Mads will be collecting data about his physical state and what happens to his body in such a confined space, and he will be maintaining a log of his mental state as well.

The project will also focus on those prejudices and that stigmatisation which mentally ill people are still met with even today.

The cousre - 5000 km from Gomera to Antigua

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