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WiTHiN is a 30 feet custom-made pedal boat. Not an ordinary human powered boat like you’d pedal around the park lake - in fact, she is unique in her class. WiTHiN is the world’s most advanced pedal boat, specially designed to handle the journey across the Atlantic under extremely harsh conditions. Mads and WiTHiN are prepared to sail in wind speeds up to 40 metres a second, hurricane force, which can give waves up to 25 m. 

WiTHiN is a trimaran

To increase safety and stability, she is shaped as a trimaran with pontoons on either side of her hulll, which makes it largely impossible for WiTHiN to sink. With the pontoons, she can right herself after flipping over in high seas, and even damage to the hull won’t sink her. 

Safety first! 

Mads sails on his own and is therefore particularly dependent on increased safety measures. Apart from his own physical preparations, careful planning of what to bring for the journey is required. WiTHiN has been optimised for the journey, and stocked with the latest in communications equipment, so that Mads has the opportunity to get in contact with the outside world on the entire trip, and so that we can follow his progress.
WiTHiN to shore communications will be carried out through a satellite connection. Mads has a satellite phone as well as wireless Internet and special tracking equipment on board. 

Pedal propulsion only

WiTHiN has no motor. If Mads wants to go forward, he needs to work the pedals. The boat is powered by pedals, which through a gear pulls a two-bladed propeller. The gear is 1:4, so that when Mads pedals once, the propeller turns four times. To achieve the top speed of 2,5 knots, one needs to pedal at 80 rpm with a power of 100 - 130 watt.

How to find your way across the Atlantic?

WiTHiN has navigation equipment, a chartplotter and an autopilot to make the task easier, but Mads still needs to be able to navigate without electronic aid. 


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